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Favorite Scripture:
Jeremiah 1:5

Most influential person in your life; why? 
Of course my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ most of all, but if it had to be
one person on this earth, it was definitely my dad William Robert Burress, Sr. 
He was not only my dad and my hero, but he was my best friend.  He was my
biggest supporter and my biggest fan.  Words cannot describe how much I miss him,
but words can not also describe the joy that it will be to see him in heaven one day soon.

Musical Influences:
The Hinsons, The Happy Goodmans, Ricky Skaggs, Ken Holloway, Chuck Day,
and too many more to name.

How Many Years Singing: 
All of my life!

Popular artists you’ve shared the stage with:
Gerald Crabb, Wade Spencer, The Singing Cookes, and the Cooke Brothers, The Browders, The Bowlings, Steve Warren, Brothers Forever, and many more.

Favorite Food: 
I am a big vegetable eater so I would have to say Grilled Chicken Salad with lots of fresh cut vegetables, but every now and then I will have a big plate of Chicken Alfredo.  Yum! Yum!

Favorite Restaurant: 
Subway has the best fresh salads and low fat subs.  Sounds like a good endorsement to me.  Move over Jared LOL!

Favorite Hobby: 
Preaching, Singing, Songwriting, Pickin’ and a Grinnin, spending time and traveling with my beautiful wife and daughter and oh yeah, watching Dallas Cowboy football.  How ‘bout them Cowboys!!

Something that people would be surprised if they knew:
I do great impersonations of famous and some infamous people.  Growing up, all of my friends would tell me that I would either be a comedian or a preacher.  Thank God I chose to be the preacher.

Me and my buddy Joel Key. The best picker in nashville y'all!!Us with all of the studio musicians that played on our new cd. Doesn't get any better than these guys!!Me acting goofy as usual. LOL 
How has she put up with me for so long?Me and my angel Amber! How cute!!Is it Elvis? No it is my dad. Thank ya very much!!!My Mom and Dad back in the day. I miss them soooooo much!!!Ole Tom in the studio. Sing it Tommy Boy!Us with Gerald Crabb and his wife at NQCUs with Wade Spencer and Michael Lee at the GMTC awards.