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Favorite Scripture: 
Matthew 20:16

Most influential person in your life; why? 
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ most of all, and definitely my parents, Vinas & Doris Sparks
and so many of the old time prayer warriors that I grew up with that taught me so much. 

Musical Influences: 
Chris Freeman, Vestal Goodman, Jeannette Cooke, and I’m sure there are a few others.

How Many Years Singing:
Since I was two years old!

Popular artists you’ve shared the stage with: 
Gerald Crabb, Wade Spencer, The Singing Cookes, and the Cooke Brothers, The Browders, The Bowlings,
Steve Warren, Brothers Forever, and many more.

Favorite Food: 
Anything my husband cooks is the best, but I guess I would have to say also, Pizza, Pasta, and anything Italian. 

Favorite Restaurant:
If my husband had a restaurant, it would be Tom’s Restaurant, but since he doesn’t, I would have to say the Olive Garden.

Favorite Hobby: 
Singing, Playing the Piano, Working on the Computer, Spending time and traveling with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.  Being in such great revivals with my husband & daughter and the mighty miracles we’ve seen God perform.  It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Something that people would be surprised if they knew: 
I married my childhood sweetheart Tom Burress.  We actually met as kids when our churches would have the old fellowship meetings.  We’ve been happily married for 25 years now and I love him more each day.  I’m also a people person and I have sung before thousands of people, but when it comes to speaking in front of people, I become very shy, that is why I let Tom do all the talking on stage LOL!

Me smiling as usual.Guess who? How could you tell that it was me? :-)Us at our cd table at the GMTC awards.Our view outside our motel in Virginia. BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!Pillow fight!My two babies Tom and Amber. I would be lost without them!My baby and I enjoying the big snow fall! LOVE IT!!My grandma Blevins. I miss you!!My mom and dad taking a picture with my baby girl Amber.